About us



Tetra Technologies Distribution Inc. (TTDI) is an Information Technology (IT) solution provider company engaged in providing design, installation, repair and maintenance services of off-the shelf and custom built IT infrastructure and system such as but not limited to:

(1) copper cable of fiber internet wiring

(2) wireless Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system

(3) structure cabling of voice and data, public address system

(4) centralized sound system,

(5) audio and video setup, and

(6) maintenance repair CCTV.

It also provides copier and printing solutions, routine computer system maintenance and remote technical support acting as your one- stop- shop internal IT department. With services centralized and managed by TTDI, there is a single point of contact and accountability for all hardware, software and computer-related services.

For more than 20 years of providing quality IT services to small to medium enterprises, TTDI has built its reputation in delivering (1) world-class (2) premium quality and (3) cost effective IT infrastructure and services to its clients. TTDI ensures that all services provided are performed by person trained and certified as proficient in the provision of the services provided by an accredited school of manufacturer’s training program. We present and warrant all personnel provided to do work are legally eligible to perform the service provided by the company.

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Our mission is to empower SMEs and entrepreneurs and provide them with world class, premium quality and cost effective business facilities, equipment, and IT services. To reach this target, TTDI commits (1) to provide efficient and effective IT services and office solutions (2) create innovative eco friendly products/ services and; (3) meet the highest customer satisfaction.


To be the top Information Technology (IT) solution Provider Company in the Philippines engaged in helping SME and entrepreneurs by providing access to cost effective world class IT equipment, systems and services.

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